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I am a neuro-divergent, multisensory artist who explores the interconnectedness of various forms of sensory expression in my artistic practice. The modalities I work with are visual art (painting, collage and mixed media), living sculpture (integrating live plants), storytelling, taste/smell (culinary and mixology), text (graphic design) and sound (music).


At the root of all traditional cultural practices, art is a healing modality. Under this current iteration of colonial capitalism, the value of art has been reduced to its monetizable or decorative/entertainment purpose and the sacred, spiritual purpose has in many cases been obscured.


Art is a modality of communication, historical documentation, healing, and a powerful medium to shift and shape collective consciousness. As different people resonate predominantly with different senses, I aim to create work that is multisensory as all senses, thoughts and physical manifestations in this dual plane of reality are existent through vibration. I want to create art that can be experienced in a multitude of ways to facilitate accessibility.


Although the art I create centers around leadership from a feminine, pan-African perspective, art is a unifying force that speaks beyond verbal language and can be experienced inter-culturally. We are all connected and I strive to honor stories, teachings and cultural perspectives of my contemporaries and ancestors that have been either erased or exploited by dominant culture. When we (humans) are denied exploration of the spectrum of our experiences, we cease to know ourselves and our interconnectivity.


My work reclaims art as sacred medicine.

2022 - Artist Studio Award, City of Vancouver Cultural Services

2022 - Research and Creation Grant, Canada Council for the Arts

2022 - Individual Artist Grant, BC Arts Council

Awards & Grants

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